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Sunday Bird Droppings

The Royle Rundown: Afternoon interviews with four more Birds
Video interviews with Jeremy Guthrie, J.J. Hardy, Brad Bergesen, and Matt Wieters.

The Royle Rundown: Some early interviews at FanFest
Video interviews with Mark Reynolds and Chris Tillman.

Orioles Insider: Roberts says he feels great
He was still feeling concussion symptoms until Christmastime, but Brian Roberts says he feels great now. There's about a half-dozen other entries at Orioles Insider over at The Sun, and you'd be well-served to take a look.

Steve Melewski: Reimold happy he's still an Oriole
Nolan Reimold actually got a text from his agent saying he'd been traded to the Rays for Jason Bartlett. But he's really happy that trade fell through. Lots more from FanFest from Steve over at

School of Roch: Josh Bell's in much better condition
Josh Bell is in - say it with me, now - THE BEST SHAPE OF HIS LIFE. And if you go to Roch's blog at, you will find Brad Bergesen and Jason Berken and Matt Wieters are, too.

Orioles share hopes for upcoming year at FanFest | News
"Your record the last two months doesn't count going into Spring Training," Brian Roberts said. "However, the feeling does." The vibe was quite festive at FanFest, where 10,000+ O's fans attended.

Steve Melewski: Guthrie, Orioles have discussed long-term contract
Jeremy Guthrie and his agent have discussed a long-term extension with the O's, but is prepared to have an arbitration hearing.

Orioles Insider: Beimel goes to Pittsburgh; Orioles still searching for a lefty
Mark Hendrickson has a job offer from the O's. 

Rodrigo Lopez Weighing Offers From Braves, Mets, Rockies -
Somehow, Rodrigo Lopez has employment offers from multiple MLB clubs.

How A Video Game Made Him Into A Major Leaguer - Kotaku
"He'd given up six runs in three innings of work when MLB 10 The Show sent the manager out to remove him from the game. Even in a video game, the bad losses stick with you. They stick with Hans Smith a little more." Trust me, you'll want to read this.

And when they say "Come to Brazil," they say "Come to Brazil! We've got girls and beaches and drinking!" What they do not say, what they completely neglect to mention is anything about being chased into the jungle by an angry Open Thread mob, which is not my idea of a fun vacation at all!