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Orioles sign Justin Duchscherer to a one year deal

Per Dan Connolly, the Orioles have agreed to a one-year contract with Justin Duchscherer. Here are his three most recent tweets:

 and Duchscherer have agreed to a 1-year deal worth $700K grnteed at signing; will go up to $1.1M when he makes the roster and ...

Duchscherer can make $4.5M total on deal if he makes 30 starts in 2011. He also has standard awards bonuses that inc $100K for comeback plyr

#Orioles-Duke deal escalates with # of starts. Bottom line is: $700K gnteed. Moves up to $1.1M when makes roster; up to $4.5M w 30 starts

Welcome to Birdland, Justin Duchscherer! It's going to take me until June to be able to spell this dude's name without double checking.