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Friday Bird Droppings

Derrek Lee finalizes $7.25M contract with Orioles | Associated Press
Here are the details: $7.25M base salary with an additional $500K for 400 and 500 plate appearances, and $250K each for other numbers between 400 and 600. 

Showalter talks about Derrek Lee | School of Roch
Do you want to know what Buck Showalter thinks of Derrek Lee? "He's not coming there to kiss babies in the parade, I'll tell you that." Wait, there's a parade?

Derrek Lee talks about the Orioles, the chip on his shoulder and Showalter | Orioles Insider
All of those warm fuzzy quotes that suckers like Andrew_G and me fall for? Right here in this article.

Padres signed Hawpe and Hudson after pursuing Lee |
Hey check it out! A player picked the Orioles over another team! It doesn't say how much the Padres offered Derrek Lee, only that it would have cost them >$8M to land him. Lee probably also wants to have a big year to get another contract and Petco Park isn't exactly the place to do that. 

Dream weaver | Green Bay Press Gazette
Jason Berken has his own billboard! It made his mom cry. 

Harold Baines, 1994 O-Pee-Chee #221 | Orioles Card "O" the Day
Here is a look at the the former Orioles on the Hall of Fame ballot that didn't make the cut.

In Holland, former Florida Marlins pitcher Rick VandenHurk celebrates Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven | Palm Beach Post
Rick VandenHurk is very happy that Bert Blyleven got into the Hall of Fame. Because they're both from Holland, see? And it appears that VandenHurk, or Vandy has he is referred to in this article, really enjoys exclamation points.

Orioles, Angels, Rays Interested In Vladimir Guerrero |
There is no information here other than the fact that the O's have shown interest in Vlad Guerrero. I can't imagine they'd sign him. The link is to MLBTR as the original article is in Spanish, and this America, man. 

Baltimore Orioles 2011 Bullpen and Closer
This is a brief description of the O's 2011 bullpen. I don't think it's terribly interesting, I just find it a little strange that there is a website entirely dedicated to bullpens. The tagline is, "All the info on every bullpen battle in one place." Seriously? I guess there is a website for everything. Or, there will be, after I finish mine dedicated entirely to the rest stops on the New Jersey turnpike. 

Braves Overreact In Extending Dan Uggla | Talking Chop
You may have heard that the Braves signed Dan Uggla to five-year, $62M extension. Over at Talking Chop they are not amused. 

Blown call still haunts Major League Baseball umpire Jim Joyce | ESPN
A pretty fantastic article about Jim Joyce's life now that he is the Umpire Who Blew The Perfect Game.

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