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Wednesday Bird Droppings

More GM speculation, more season post mortems.


School of Roch: The Fab 5 list of GM candidates
A consensus list seems to be solidifying.

Orioles Insider: Phillies interview O's Joe Jordan for player-development job - If Joe Jordan left here tomorrow, would you still remember him? Lord knows, he can't change.

Nats hire media consultant to improve MASN deal - Nationals Journal - The Washington Post
Hey, remember that MASN gravy train?

Steve Melewski: Frederick pitching coach sizes up Bundy and Schrader
An unbiased assessment from a totally disinterested party.

Camden Depot: MiLB Year in Review: DSL, GCL, and Aberdeen Ironbirds Scouting reports on some of the up and comers in the lower echelons of the system.

Can the Estate Tax Save the Baltimore Orioles? - Forbes
The tax man won't necessarily save you in this case. Ask a Redskins fan.

Mike Young Wasn’t Happy With This Orioles Production
...but can you tell me about Texas Mike Smith and Mississippi Mike Smith?

Red Sox unity, dedication dissolved during epic late-season collapse - The Boston Globe
Tito was on pills, Lester, Lackey and Beckett were busy getting fat on fried chicken and presumably playing Black Ops, and the Red Sox spiraled into an abyss they so richly deserve. Revel in the agony. -duck

Rough day in Orioles history: in 1969, the O's took one on the chin at the hands of the Mets to give them a leg up in the World Series;  in 1972, the A's edged the O's 2-1 to take the pennant; in 1997, the O's lost the pennant to the Tribe in an 8-7 game after leading 4-2. In 1979, Kiko Garcia went bananas, knocking in 4 runs as the whupped the Buccos 8-4 in Game Three of the World Series.

Happy Birdday, Moldy! It is also the birthday of Sid Fernandez, Tony Fiore and Leslie Brea.