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LCS Game Thread: Rangers @ Tigers; Brewers @ Cardinals

After a delay of about two hours, the Rangers and Tigers game has started at the time of this post. Matt Harrison pitches for the Rangers and Rick Porcello pitches for the Tigers. This game is on FOX. Presumably they will not cut away from the game for the X-Factor, although we can't be sure. Will Joe Buck show any emotion whatsoever? I won't hold my breath.

In the NLCS, first pitch for the Brewers at the St. Louis Cardinals is scheduled for 8:05pm EST. This game will be on TBS. Due to rain, the start time for this game may be delayed. The usual suspects are talking about how MLB doesn't want to start the game and have a rain delay that knocks out the starters, so they will be cautious about the rain being gone.

Free agents-to-be Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder will head things up for their respective teams. There are some other guys on these teams but they don't matter. The NL is ridiculous, man.