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Monday Bird Droppings

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Thin gruel, fellow Chatters. Cards and Rangers? Should be a ratings bonanza. The GM searchathon continues. Were you there?!

School of Roch: This and that
Musings from the self-styled Professor of Posts.

Steve Melewski: Thoughts on Machado, international scouting and Uehara
Melewski can muse, too.

O's Arizona Fall League Scouting Notes: 10/15/11 (Joe Mahoney)
Don was in attendance for Joe Mahoney's AFL debut and breaks down what he saw with painstaking detail.

Camden Depot: MLB 2011 Offensive Values Yet another interesting look at the year that was.

On this day in 1971 AND 1979, the Buccos defeated the Orioles in a Game Seven of the World Series. For whatever reason, I find losing at the hands of Roberto Clemente to sting a little less than losing to the Pops Stargell Disco Era Bucs.

Connolly poses the question this AM, what would you ask prospective GM candidates in an interview? I feel like this has been asked previously, but I wonder if it makes any difference now that we have a better sense of the field of candidates.