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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Congrats to Zeke McGeek for winning week six of CC Pick 'Em! It was a three-way tie between Zeke, kba, and twistedlogic going into MNF, but Zeke pulled it out with his score prediction for the Jets-Dolphins game. zknower's high school friend Larry has taken over the season lead from Astronaut Mike Dexter, but it's a close competition as only four points separate the top seven players. 

Jeremy Accardo becomes free agent | School of Roch

Bad Outfield Defense or a Bad Fielding Metric? | Camden Depot
Trying to determine the flaws in UZR. 

Jeremy Guthrie to represent Major League Baseball in trip to Taiwan |
Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie is among several Major League players taking part in the 2011 Taiwan All-Star Series next month.

Orioles have to properly identify their problems before they can fix them | Steve Melewski
Basically the Orioles are a big old mess.

Rangers ditching Uehara for Lowe in World Series? | Yahoo! Sports
Koji :(