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World Series Game 3 Thread: Cardinals @ Rangers, 8:05pm

The series is tied at 1-1. Here are some facts about tonight's game, which, since it's being played on a Saturday night, will presumably not be inconveniencing the Fox network's programming:

* Josh Hamilton is hurt and will continue batting 3rd.

* The combined career ERA of the starters in tonight's game is 9.13. (Kyle Lohse: 4.64; Matt Harrison: 4.49)

* Free agent-to-be Albert Pujols had a .906 OPS during the regular season, which was the lowest of his career. The highest OPS on the Orioles belonged to Mark Reynolds, who had an .806.

* The over/under on number of lone star flags seen before you hate the very concept of Texas on a metaphysical level is 9.5.

* Mike Napoli was traded for Vernon Wells. Napoli 2011 regular season slash line: .320/.414/.631. Wells slash line: .218/.248/.412. Guaranteed money still due to Wells: $63,000,000.

* The game is being played in Texas, meaning we probably should not have any intentional walks to Nick Punto inflicted upon us, but really, who knows what these managers will decide, because they are in the pressure cooker, the narrative lens of "Is Tony LaRussa a genius?" is turned to them, and the act of observing disturbs the observed.

* No member of the Boston Red Sox will be participating in this contest due to Robert Andino. That's not really germane to the game itself, but it still makes me a little happy.