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Monday Bird Droppings

So, now that I no longer have Andy MacPhail to kick around for the deliberative dealings of the front office, what do I do?

Quick Hits: Padres, Orioles, Wilson, Sizemore: MLB Rumors -
Is Tony LaCava repped by Scott Boras?

School of Roch: Just another manic Monday
Of course Roch could not pass up the opportunity to pun on the Bangles.

Major League Baseball considering a beer ban in the clubhouse - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Another dictate from Captain Buzzkill.

Orioles Insider: In an Orioles dream world: Pujols or Fielder? - Connolly on a Kool Aid induced sugar high.

Amber Theoharis: Front Office 101: "Offseason for Dummies"

Camden Depot: Orioles Year in Review and 2012: C and Infield How good could these Orioles be?

On this day in 1908, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" was first performed publicly, though it would not become an in game staple for another 25 years. Jackie Robinson died on this day in 1972.

Birthday wishes to Dave Johnson and Mr. Arthur Lee Rhodes.