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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Will the Rangers close it out tonight or will the Cardinals live to fight another day? Who will own it, friends?

I had sort of forgotten that MacPhail's contract does not expire until 10/31. I wonder what it's like in the Warehouse during his final days? Is he actually doing stuff or do you think he's just chilling out, playing internet Risk? No actual news on the GM front.

School of Roch: Second (or third) look at second base
Contemplating life after the Roberts.

Steve Melewski: Miclat was nifty to steal 50 bags this year Does Miclat figure into anyone's 2012 projections?

Winter Leagues: Arizona Fall League: Statistics | Events Good day for X Avery.

2012 Roster Projection: Baltimore Orioles - MLB Daily Dish Too soon?

Q&A: Zach Britton, Oriole in Progress | FanGraphs Baseball Youngblood gets some digital ink.

Orioles Insider: The Lackey Logic: The big boys' real upper hand - Connolly on the advantages of money.

Camden Depot: An Interview with an Arm Injury Researcher, Part I I've expended my quote of Bionic Man puns for the week, but this is an interesting read.

Happy birthday to Mike Hargrove.