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Friday Bird Droppings

Not exactly the Thrilla in Manila, but that was some game last night, huh?

Has your weekend outlook changed with the prospect of an extended Stockstill reign of terror? Hey! There's a Halloween costume for you: John Stockstill. Confound your friends! Taunt your enemies!

School of Roch: This, that and the other Another Roch-pile.

Solar Sox Lose Again, but X. Avery continues to hit.

2011 Orioles Retrospective: Chris Tillman | October Daniel Moroz continues.

Orioles in need of relief
CSN Baltimore has been trolling message boards for scout opinions.

Josh Hamilton says God told him he was going to hit a homer - Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
Of course.

Orioles Insider: Good dad/bad dad, great baseball - DFS! DFS!

Did an MLB agent use a porn star to recruit clients? | HardballTalk Holy wow!

Happy birthday to Sammy Stewart, Bob Melvin and Juan Guzman (what in the HELL is going on in this picture?).