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ALDS Game 3 Action: TEX @ TB (5:07pm); NYY @ DET (8:37pm)

I guess some teams who aren't the Orioles are in the playoffs or whatever and there will be a couple more games played today. Both series are tied at 1-1 so there is no chance for a sweep and a series conclusion tonight.

Rangers @ Rays, 5:07pm

Colby Lewis starts for Texas and David Price for the Rays. Apparently David Price hasn't been very good against Texas, historically. Also historically, Texas is full of annoying Texans and Tampa fans suck because they don't show up even when their team is good. Use whatever criteria you deem appropriate to choose the lesser of two not-really-evils-maybe-more-like-minor-irritants.

Yankees @ Tigers, 8:37pm

Justin Verlander and C.C. Sabathia start a fresh duel after rain interrupted their previous encounter. Verlander is awesome and not on the Yankees, and Sabathia is really fat and plays for the Yankees. Your rooting interest is clear.

Both National League series' have an off day for travel, and fans of those teams will act like their teams play real baseball with all their sacrifice bunts and pitchers batting and double switches. Yawn.

Please shave responsibly.