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Halloween Bird Droppings

Happy Halloween, dear Chatters. Maybe today, a day in which the colors orange and black play so prominently, will bring some closure to the drawn out GM search. Perhaps the folks in the Warehouse will masquerade as a competent organization this year? Not really much to report in Birdland.

Elsewhere, options are being exercised; plans are being made. The Hot Stove League begins.

Into the offseason we go | HardballTalk
Calcaterra crystallizes the thoughts and feelings of many a baseball fan. Now THAT'S hardball talk!

School of Roch: Quick Jakubauskas update You slay me, Roch. Talking about how O'Boskie didn't express any bitterness over being outrighted. Talk about lucky to &%$!ing be in baseball!

Lip-smackin’ good: Milwaukee’s Axford wins AMI mustache award - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Nothing to add, really, only I DO appreciate a good 'stache.

Any Halloween shenanigans over the weekend or are you a purist? Favorite candy? Best childhood costume? Have at it, folks.