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Wieters, Hardy, Markakis named Gold Glove finalists.

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The 2011 Gold Gloves will be announced tomorrow at 10 p.m. Why not in the middle of the day, you ask? Because for the first time, they will be televised (on ESPN2). They've announced three finalists for each position, and for the first time are awarding separate awards for each of the outfield positions. 

The Orioles have three finalists: Matt Wieters at catcher, Nick Markakis at right field, and J.J. Hardy at shortstop. Like many of you, I don't put much stock in Gold Gloves, but it would still be great if any of these guys could lock one up. It'd especially be great if Wieters won as I truly believe he deserves it. Nearly every defensive measure shows him to be a superior catcher. If he does win, I don't feel like it would be undeserved as I did two years ago when Adam Jones was named the winner. 

To see the complete list of finalists for both the AL and NL, check out ESPN