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O's Pre-Season Contest Results

Alert! I am a moron! Alert! As pointed out in the comments, I screwed up one of the results. The original question was, "Which will be higher, Yankees losses or Orioles wins?" The answer at the end of the season was Orioles wins, as they had 69 wins to the Yankees 65. However, when I was doing the tally, I counted Yankees wins vs Orioles losses. Doh! The scores are now correct. Check for your new score! 

The results are in! Before the season 151 Camden Chatters submitted their best guesses on twenty-seven O's related questions. The winning scored was 15 correct, answered by yours truly, BiffFoil, dan the man and giftofguthrie. Congrats to the three winners (an me)! Your prize is the Camden Chat t-shirt of your choice. I'm hoping to put up a few new designs this off-season, so if you like you can also take an IOU for a future shirt. Keep an eye on your email for details! The complete top ten is:

Camden Chatter Score
BiffFoil 15
Stacey 15
dan the man 15
giftofguthrie 15
johnnynebraska 14
Johnson652 14
parkinglotninja 14
Portlandia O 14
redskincow 14
milldoo 14

If you're wondering how your fine front-page admin types fared, j.q. higgens scored 12, twisted logic, Eat More Esskay and Andrew_G all scored 10, zknower got 9, duck and dfa scored 8, and Westie brings up the rear with 6.

Click here for the complete list of answers given by all 151 participants. Click through the jump to see the complete list of questions and answers. 

Which will be higher?

  1. Games started by Zach Britton or Chris Tillman? Britton (28 to 16)
  2. Adam Jones HBP or J.J. Hardy HR? Hardy (30 to 9)
  3. Brian Matusz strikeouts or Mark Reynolds strikeouts? Reynolds (196 to 38)
  4. Brian Matusz ERA or one gallon of regular gas (Royal Farm by my house): Matusz (10.69 to 3.49)
  5. Koji Uehara: Days on the DL or appearances? Appearances (65 to 0)
  6. Vladimir Guerrero OBP or Matt Wieters CS%? Wieters (.37 to .317)
  7. Jones BB or Jeremy Guthrie GS? Guthrie GS (32 to 29)
  8. Reynolds: Strikeouts or batting average X 1000? BA*1000 (221 to 196)
  9. Britton GS or Wieters HR? Britton GS (28 to 22)
  10. Jake Arrieta GS or O's games back in the AL East? O's GB (28 to 22)
  11. Yankee losses or Oriole wins? Oriole wins (69 to 65)
  12. Luke Scott SLG or O's winning %? O's winning % (.426 to .402)
  13. Nick Markakis OPS or Roberts SB%? Roberts SB% (.857 to .756)
  14. Jeremy Accardo ERA w/ BAL or Matt Albers ERA w/ BOS? Accardo (5.73 to 4.73)
  15. Saves by Koji or Kevin Gregg? Gregg (22 to 0)
Who will be the first Oriole to...

  1. Who will be the first Oriole to go on the disabled list? Brian Matusz
  2. Who will be the first pitcher to throw a complete game? Jeremy Guthrie (although he wasn't the first pitcher to throw nine innings, that was Zach Britton) 
  3. Who will be the first Oriole to hit a home run? Brian Roberts
  4. Who will be the first team the Orioles sweep? Tampa Bay Rays
  5. Who will be the first team to sweep the Orioles? New York Yankees
  6. Who will be the first minor leaguer to be called up? Zach Britton

Who will...

  1. Lead the team in innings pitched? Guthrie - 208
  2. Make the most appearances out of the bullpen? Johnson - 69
  3. Hit the most home runs? Reynolds - 37
  4. Take the most walks? Reynolds - 75
  5. Have the highest OPS? Reynolds - .807
  6. Win the most Most Birdland Player awards? Hardy - 9