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It's official: Andy MacPhail is gone

From senior baseball writer Ken Rosenthal reported a few minutes ago that Andy MacPhail will not return as the Orioles' president of baseball operations.

A source tonight confirmed that information to's Roch Kubatko.

Rosenthal filed a report via Twitter that read: "Sources: MacPhail out as #Orioles press of bb ops. Will not return in any capacity. Showalter expected to remain mgr; situation fluid."

The Orioles have not released any information on this situation and attempts to reach MacPhail tonight have so far been unsuccessful.

It's been written on the wall since the summertime, but now it's official. We all knew it, but the way the Orioles were dragging their feet it's no wonder we began to question if it would happen. The question now is who will take over for MacPhail and how long will it take Peter Angelos to figure THAT one out? Let's just hire Rick Dempsey and call it a day.

They would do this on a weekend. Thanks, guys.