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There goes the LaCavalry: O's offer declined

FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal just tweeted the following at about 5:30pm:

Sources: LaCava turns down #Orioles' offer of GM job. #MLB

It appears that the second meeting yesterday contained an offer of a job; however, LaCava has turned down that offer. Your guess is as good as mine as to the reason for that. That said, my guess would be that LaCava did not feel like he was going to receive sufficient latitude to overhaul the dysfunctional parts of the organization in a way he believes that it needs to be overhauled. This is just my guess.


MASN's Roch Kubatko writes that LaCava "was ready to accept an offer" when he came to Baltimore for yesterday's meeting, but that "issues cropped up ... that didn't involve ownership or manager Buck Showalter."'s Brittany Ghiroli looks ahead to what could be next, but it seems no one in the media yet knows whether the O's will try to search out more candidates to interview, or if they will instead offer the job to the other remaining candidates, Dodgers assistant GM De Jon Watson or the Orioles' director of player development, John Stockstill.

The Baltimore Sun's Dan Connolly spoke to LaCava: "This was about the Toronto Blue Jays more than it is anything about the Orioles. ... They were classy in everything they did." If you believe this, then LaCava wanted to stay on with Alex Anthopolous in Toronto and finish the job they have started there. Also, I have this bridge to sell you...

Stacey texted me about the news soon after it broke and commented, "John Stockstill, come on down!" That sounds about right. So long, belief in a better tomorrow. Perhaps we will see you again some day.