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Matt Wieters and Nick Markakis take home Gold Gloves

After a rough day for the Orioles in which they were rejected by their GM pick Tony LaCava, they received a little pick me up with the news that Matt Wieters and Nick Markakis both took home their first career Gold Gloves. 

Hey, you know who is gonna be happy that Markakis won a GG? Jim Palmer. He loves to talk about how much Nicky deserves it, and now he finally has it. Seriously, though, congrats to Nick Markakis.He didn't have his best defensive year in 2011, but he has a lot of great defense under his belt so I don't have many complaints. 

As for Wieters, if you've spent any time watching Orioles baseball this year (and if you have, my condolences), you know what a bad ass Matt Wieters is behind the plate. If he didn't win it wouldn't have really mattered because we all know that the Gold Gloves are kind of a joke, but it's always nice when they get it right. I suspect that this is just the first of many career Gold Gloves for Wieters. 

As for the ESPN broadcast, what a joke. The winners were all the names at the top of the "nominees list" and their analysis was ridiculous because no one on the show knows how to talk about defense. But whatever, Matt and Nick won! 

(As for the picture with this story, I couldn't get both guys in the same picture for defense, but check the caption. Nicky made the throw)