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Monday Bird Droppings

Good morning, Chatters. Apologies for the late Droppings.

School of Roch: Bordick interested in coaching job After all, he IS a member of the O's Hall of Fame!

GM Meetings Preview: MLB Rumors -
Wooo! GM Meetings! WOOOOOOO!

Orioles Insider: Free-agent thoughts, concluded - Gould's thoughts on some potential free agents.

Camden Depot: MiL Free Agent Pitchers of Interest The Depot's assessment of some MiLB free agent pitchers. Good stuff within for prospect hounds.

On this day in 1973, Jim Palmer received another Cy Young Award and on this day in 2005, after a disappointing, scandal-ridden season, Mike Flanagan announced the O's would be parting ways with Rafael Palmeiro and Sammy Sosa.

It is the birthday of Curt Schilling and Miguel Abreu.

Also, I didn't post the article, but Roch discussed the potential of dealing Mark Reynolds in a recent post. What would you think about that? What would you want in return or if you oppose such a move, why?