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Thursday Bird Droppings

On my trip around the internet to find you the best Orioles news of the day, I saw for the second time this picture of the four different uniforms and only now has it occurred to me that no one has lamented the fact that they're still wearing the O's cap with the black jerseys. As someone who enjoys the caps the O's have been wearing the last few years, I think it would have been nice to retire the O's cap and let the regular bird fly on Friday night with the black jerseys. 

Orioles express interest in David Ortiz | Baltimore Sports Report
This guy is hiiiiigh. We've already determined that it's 100% speculation that the Orioles have any interest in David Ortiz, and even if they do, he'll be retired before the Orioles are a good baseball team again. 

O's to honor six Hall of Famers with bronze statues inside Camden Yards | Orioles Buzz
Don't get me wrong, I love honoring our past. I'm just so tired of having to look to it because the present and future are so disgusting.

On the Orioles’ New Uniforms | The Loss Column
Neal wonders if maybe the Orioles should have gone with something entirely new for their uniforms. 

Orioles Up for Rule 5 Draft | Camden Depot
Hey, maybe someone will take Billy Rowell off of our hands.

Duquette on Day 2: Don't expect offers beyond three years to free-agent pitchers | Orioles Insider
No C.J. Wilson for us. 

Celebrities get some new-look O's swag | Orioles Buzz
I really only included this because of the adorable picture of Ray Rice in an Orioles cap.