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MuchO GustO: Organizational Depth at Catcher

I had previously taken a look at catchers in the organization at the beginning of the season and thought I'd update sort of based on the information I've gathered in the course of writing these semi-regular posting the last few months. I'm categorizing by guys that are relatively close to the majors and guys that still have some developing to do and I'm limiting my review to guys that were drafted or signed originally by the O's.


Caleb Joseph (BOW): Joseph seems to have settled into an offensive rut at Bowie, though it should be noted that his walk rate increased and k rate declined in 2011. His BABIPs over the last two seasons have been below .300 after being slighly above in his first two and he did did show flashes of power at Frederick. Joseph had an excellent season defensively. He threw out 38% of baserunners,  was charged with only 2 errors and 6 passed balls in 82 games. He must be added to the 40 man roster or be left exposed to the upcoming Rule 5 draft.

Brian Ward (FRE): A 26 year old undrafted free agent signed in 2009, Ward has a certifiable cannon.  Nailed 53% of attempted baserunners in 2011 and allowed 3 passed balls in 101 games, though he was charged with 8 errors. At the plate he shows no power, but a willingness to take a walk (his 10.9% in 2011 was a career low). Has been warming the bench out in Mesa this fall.


Gabriel Lino (GCL): The 18 year old Venezuelan made an impression in his stateside debut. After showing a little patience in the 2010 DOSL (28 walks), he showed a little power in the GCL with 10 extra base hits in 89 PAs and still had a 9% walk rate.

Michael Ohlman (DEL): The 20 year old shows a good eye with no power (his .307 SLG in 2011 was a career HIGH). While his ability to hold runners shows improvement (25% CS in 2011 vs. 16% in 2010), he was charged with 18 passed balls and 16 errors.

Justin Dalles (FRE): He threw out 26 runners between Delmarva and Frederick, including 12 of 26 at Frederick. To date, though, the offense just hasn't been there.

Riley Hornback (DEL): After signing in 2010, Hornback played all 18 games in the system at catcher, showing solid on base skills and solid defensive skills. 2011 saw Hornback pushed to the outfield and first on top of catching duties. In the 17 games he caught, he nabbed 7 of 17 baserunners. He walked in 13% of his PAs at Delmarva.

Cam Edman (GCL): A 2011 draftee, Edman raked in the GCL. His .299/.407/.481 slash would have been good for .388 WOBA. His defense doesn't look half bad on paper, either. It will be interesting to see what the Gonzaga man can do against more advanced comeptition.

Wynston Sawyer (ABD): Getting his first extended look in the pros as a 19 year old, Sawyer showed some modest improvement at the plate over his GCL debut in 2010. His defense could use a little work. Would be thieves ran on on Sawyer at will to the tune of a 90% success rate. Sawyer was also charged with 15 passed balls. If you consider BR's range factor stat to be useful, I'll mention that his was 8.18, which, I gather, is good.