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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Reality or metaphor? (Photo by Steve Ruark/Getty Images)
Reality or metaphor? (Photo by Steve Ruark/Getty Images)
Getty Images

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While perhaps as Orioles fans we have come to expect public shamings like L'affair De La Cava, it is not the end of the world. There will probably be more similar happenings, but there will be good days, too and maybe...just maybe, one day the good stuff will outweigh the bad.

Camden Depot: The Problem with LaCava's Decision The Depot's take.

Orioles Insider: Gold Glovers Wieters and Markakis (and Showalter) talk about awards - Reaction to the Gold Gloves. 

Solar Sox Lose Mahoney and Avery continue to hit.

AFL unveils rosters for Rising Stars Game | News
Xavier Avery named to AFL all star team.

Curtis Granderson's slam sparks MLB All-Stars in Taiwan | News
Guts throws three scoreless, assumes spokesman role for 'murikans.

On this day in 1971, Pat Dobson no hit the Yomiuri Giants as the O's commenced an exhibition tour of Japan.

Birthday wishes to "Big" Sam Horn and even bigger Sidney Ponson