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Sunday Bird Droppings

There's not much out there in the news concerning all things Orioles, but here's what I found.

Amber Theoharis: Orioles need to be big player in free agency
"With a solid core of talented young position players in place, the impact of adding one top-of-the-rotation starter could be huge. I don't believe the O's are as far away from competing as Duquette implied in his initial press conference two weeks ago." Oh, Amber, why have you forsaken logic and reason?

School of Roch: Luke Scott: "When they're ready, I'll be ready"
Luke Scott on his contract status: "I haven't been too concerned about it. It's not taking up any of my thoughts or time. I know it will happen when it happens. There's a new GM. I understand they have a lot to talk about. When they're ready, I'll be ready."