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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Good morning, folks. We drop awfully early this am as I am getting ready to travel for the holiday and I wish happy trails to my fellow travelers. As for Birdland, things are relatively quiet. Seems like the Chong deal is locked down, but won't be official until after the holiday as the Duq continues to make more moves on the fringes.

Orioles Insider: What a potential Chong signing really means - Another solid assessment from Connolly.

School of Roch: Still waiting on a backup catcher
Roch still banging the drum for a free agent backup catcher. Stop the insanity!

After concussions shattered a season, Oriole Brian Roberts sees recovery ahead - A long form piece from the Sun Magazine (I didn't realize such a thing existed). 

Steve Melewski: Dan Klein: After the surgery, so far, so good
An on track and healthy Dan Klein would pretty sweet.

Camden Depot: 2012 Top 25 Prospects: #6 Nicky Delmonico Resisting urge to make steak pun.

Baseball America | Blog | Baseball America Draft Blog | Draft Cap May Not Be So Harsh Reaction to the new CBA has been swift and negative; Matt Eddy provides an alternate view (h/t MLBTR).

Baseball Prospectus | Pebble Hunting: Can I Interest You in a Juan Gonzalez Hall of Fame Brochure? This is absurd. And awesome (h/t Calcaterra/HardballTalk).

Today is the birthday of Todd Cruz, Adam Eaton, Justin Turner and Brandon Snyder. WE LIkE bIRtHDays, ToO!