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Black Friday Bird Droppings

Good morning. Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. If you're headed out to shop today, godspeed. If you're hunkering down with some leftovers and college sports, save me a slice of pie, huh?

Not much ado in Birdland.

Agent: Cesar Izturis has "several" suitors | HardballTalk
Is it possible that Caesar's reign of terror is over? Certainly seems that way, though I know Buck seems keen to keep Caesar's baseball knowledge in the yard. The O's also declined to offer Vlad arbitration, in case there was a question.

The Daily Item: Antonelli gearing up for spring training
More on Matt Antonelli.

Orioles do their part to assist families in need over holiday season | News
Requisite Thanksgiving fluff piece.

On this day in 1914, Joe DiMaggio was born and in 1944, the owner of one of my favorite baseball names, Kennesaw Mountain Landis, died.

Mike Hargrove won AL Rookie of the Year as a Texas Ranger on this day in 1974.