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Orioles-related questions from Dan Szymborski's FanGraphs chat

Dan Szymborski did a chat at FanGraphs earlier today, and while the whole thing is worth reading, I've culled out the Orioles-related bits. If you're not familiar with Szymborski, he's a sabermatrician who runs Baseball Think Factory and who created the ZiPS projection system. He's also a local Baltimore guy who stops by the site every now and then.

Here are his comments on the Orioles from today's chat:

If you're the Jays, Rays, and/or Os, what's your plan now that we have this new CBA?
Be kinda concerned. I guess it's a perverse relief for the O's, given that they never seemed to be aggressive in the international market. The focus now has to be on getting fewer individual players "right" more than bringing in tons of promising athletes. 

Do you think the O's go with Nolan Reimold in LF in 2012?  
I think they're more likely to with Duquette than they were before. He's not from a LETS SPEND $30 MILLION ON GUYS WE HEARD OF SO THAT WE CAN FOOL HONS INTO THINKING WE'LL WIN 81 GAMES type of guy. Though PA is.

You're the Red Sox. The Jays want Clay Buchholz for John Farrell. Do you accept?
No. I don't think there's been any manager in the history of baseball that's more valuable than a very good, youngish pitcher. Not even Earl Weaver and if he asked me to lie in a puddle so that he could walk over it without getting his shoes wet, I would totally do that.


Can the O's get anyone to pay some of Brian Roberts salary?
Dread Pirate Roberts has more trade value than Brian Roberts does right now.

(Seriously, who asked this question? It was some dude named CardsFan so maybe he's totally clueless about the Orioles and their players. But then, why is he asking? Just a weird question)

You're the O's new GM what is your first move? Seriously not state just change divisions.
Can I state do horrible things to Peter Angelos? First thing I'd do is explore a Guthrie trade.