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Thursday Bird Droppings

Hey! Did you know you can vote for Camden Chat in the Mobbies? They changed the format so that all blogs are listed alphabetically, so I have no idea if we're still in first place. I do know that we have a black down arrow. I want the pink up arrow! So go vote for us, ok? 

Speaking of the Baltimore Sun, Dan Connolly wrote an article about thirteen potential free agents for the Orioles. I saw the headline and thought, "Hey, some non-GM writing! Awesome!" But then I discovered that it's a thirteen-page slide show. So let me get this straight: the Sun only gives us 15 page views per month for free, and they want me to waste thirteen of them on ONE article? Hmph. 

LaCava, and where the O’s go from here | Baltimore Sports and Life
More GM speculation.

If We Can’t Laugh Now, All Hope Is Lost | The Loss Column 
Neal suggests we all channel our inner Bobby McFerrin. Am I old for referencing that guy? Do the kids these even know Bobby McFerrin? 

Orioles Year in Review and 2012: Outfield and Designated Hitter | Camden Depot
Looking to 2012 and the players the O's already have.

Markakis updates an injury and talks about Gold Glove | Steve Melewski
Nick Markakis talks about his injury, the GM search, and winning a Gold Glove.