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MuchO GustO: Checking in on the AFL O's

Several Orioles were sent out west to compete in this year's edition of the Arizona Fall League. The biggest names (such as they are) among these are Xavier Avery, Joe Mahoney and Steve Johnson. Brian Ward (C), Casey Lambert (RP), Sean Gleason (RP) and Cole McCurry (RP) also made the trip. So how are the kids coming along now that the AFL is a bit more than half done? Let's see.

Xavier Avery (OF): Though he usually plays centerfield, Avery has been logging a lot of time in left for the Mesa Solar Sox. He has 9 steals this fall without getting caught and he's just been crushing righties to the tune of a .388/.474/.552 slash. He has also walked 8 times and struck out 3 times against righties. His numbers against lefties, however, remain problematic.

Joe Mahoney (1B): After coming back from an injury, Mahoney came out strong, though he's cooled off a little since. Mahoney has also been killing righties (.390/.419/.659, all XBH against righties), but his .245 OPS against lefties makes Avery's .436 look positively robust. His walk numbers are a cause for concern (3BB/12K in 12 games). 

Brian Ward (C): His offensive numbers are nothing to write home about, though 3 of his 4 walks have come against lefties and he's really only seen action in 8 games. He's caught 2 baserunners in 10 tries.

Steve Johnson (SP): Not awful, but not all that good. Johnson's logged 15 innings, allowed 15 hits and two home runs.

Casey Lambert (RP): In 9 outings, Lambert has managed to log a SSS-aided .95 WHIP, good for 7th in the AFL.

Cole McCurry and Sean Gleason (RPs): A couple of the niceer stories from the upper levels of the system in 2011 have failed to perform in AZ. McCurry has allowed 3 homers in 8 appearances and Gleason has been scorched for an 11.74 ERA and 2.38 WHIP.