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Saturday Bird Droppings

Happy Saturday! Did you vote for us in the Mobbies yet today?

GM Updates: So, it's not that I wanted Allard Baird to be the Orioles new GM, but he too has withdrawn his name from consideration. And if you didn't hear, the Twins denied the Orioles permission to speak to Mike Radcliff. The O's still want to interview Damon Oppenheimer, but nothing it set up as of yet. They better hurry if they want to meet their self-imposed Monday deadline!

Our mommy site, SB Nation, has had some fun at the O's expense. Marc Normandin makes his case for being the O's GM, and Grant Brisbee presents, "Selected Conversations from the Orioles' GM Search."

Can the Orioles solve their "perception problem"? | Steve Melewski
Is anyone ever going to point out that the problem with the perception of the Orioles is that people's perceptions are accurate?

Free Agents - First Base | Camden Depot
The Orioles might sign a first baseman once they get a GM.

O's Lost All Credibility Long Before LaCava Negotiations | Baltimore Sports Report
A commentary from Weston Bruner.