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Sunday Bird Droppings

It's Sunday. You got an extra hour of sleep. So, did you vote for us in the Mobbies yet today?

Former Boston Red Sox GM Dan Duquette always said he'd return to baseball one day - ESPN Boston
Gordon Edes at belittles the notion that Dan will be an effective GM. -zk

Duquette interviews for a second time with Orioles for general manager -
"The Orioles appear to be closing in on their next general manager after an excruciating, weeks-long saga that included one official rejection and several candidates’ backing out of the process." It's actually The Sun's story, but here's a way to read it without using a page view.

PressBox: Is Dan Duquette Orioles' Hail Mary For GM?
"Long before the Red Sox hired boy genius GM Theo Epstein at age 28, there was boy genius GM Dan Duquette, who was hired in Montreal at age 34." You get the feeling Dan Duquette isn't really a people person. Just win, baby.

Orioles set to take a chance with Duquette -
"The Orioles are close to naming a general manager, and Dan Duquette is close to getting back in baseball. It's taken them a while. It's him a while, too. They're taking a chance, and so is he."

Fans meet former Orioles outfielder Anderson -
"It’s very nice Brady came to visit Hagerstown," she said. "We have so many good memories of that time. The team had so many good players then, and everybody liked Brady." Especially the ladies...

Orioles Insider: More free-agent thoughts
If this is the list we're targeting, it's more of the same. Old free agents that aren't that good, way too expensive, and whose production could almost be matched by minor leagues at 10% the cost.

Orioles Buzz: O's Hunter pitches in as HBO's "Veep" shoots at Camden Yards
"I got a phone call asking me if I wanted to come to Baltimore (to film)," said [Tommy] Hunter, who was acquired with infielder Chris Davis by the Orioles in the July 30 trade that sent reliever Koji Uehara to the Texas Rangers. "I didn't really know a whole lot about the show or anything, so I did it pretty much on a whim. But it turned out to be a whole lot more than I expected."