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Camdencast Episode 13 - GM Fever

We've got GM fever here in Baltimore - or should I say executive vice president of baseball operations fever? In any case, for Andrew and I, the only cure was more podcast. It's the Dan Duquette era. We talked about the dysfunction exposed by the search process and moved on to discuss our thoughts on Duquette based on what we saw of him in the introductory press conference. Is he saying the right things? Can he turn the Orioles around where others have failed? Of course, we can't know these things, but we give our best guess.

I'd like to apologize if there are any sound issues on this episode, and also for the lack of a time breakdown. Some things cropped up when I would typically have done my last pass to clean everything up and take down the clock numbers as the topics drift and I did not get the opportunity to do so before having to get this episode posted.

This podcast, as most have been due to SBN technical limitations at present, is in two parts. They are roughly 25 minutes apiece.

Part 1 is located here

Part 2 resides here

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