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Transaction Scorecard: O's Sign IFA Tsuyoshi Wada

Okay folks, as you heard earlier, the Orioles have signed LHP Tsuyoshi Wada to a 2 year deal with a an option for a third year. With a few hours to mull things over, local and national baseball press seems fairly upbeat on Dan Duquette's latest international excursion.

Craig Calcaterra, Hardball Talk: The deal is for two year and $8.15 million. Even if he’s not much more than serviceable, that’s a good deal for the O’s.

Keith Law, Keith Law Industries: Grade 40 fastball in the AL East? No thanks.

Don Olsen, Orioles Nation: I do think the guy can pitch effectively in the majors, but his exposure may have to be limited. I fear the same way as I did with Koji.

Eno Sarris, Fangraphs: We haven’t quite figured out our translations for the Japanese league, and the new ball just put a wrench in that process. But when you spend $8.1 million over two years (with a team option to boot), and have a pitcher that could be anything from a LOOGY to a serviceable starter, you’ve covered your bases. This deal is more likely to be a boon than a bane in Baltimore.

Daniel Moroz, Camden Crazies: Relatively low risk, low-to-medium return type move, though it does make the Dana Eveland trade look even worse (how many soft-tossing starters does one team need in the AL East?). It is nice to see the team going after international players though, and maybe if Wada has some success the O's can turn him into a younger player with some upside at the trade-deadline.