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Tsuyoshi Wada: The Press Conference

At 4pm Eastern today, MASN is going to live broadcast the press conference where Japanese pitcher Tsuyoshi Wada will be officially introduced as a member of the Baltimore Orioles. Wada, 30, comes across the ocean as a free agent who played for the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks in the Nippon Professional Baseball league. He projects to be a member of the Orioles rotation. Scouting reports indicate that he is probably going to be in the vein of crafty lefty junkballers if he will have success.

Key questions for the press conference include things such as:

Will Dan Duquette be present, and if so, will he tell a story about how he knew back in the 60s that the Orioles would need to sign a Japanese pitcher to compete?

Will there be a triumphant return to Camden Yards for interpreter Jiwon Bang?

Wada's contract has been reported to be for 2 years and a total of $8.15 million guaranteed, with a club option for 2014 at $5 million. He will be wearing #18 for the O's. Camden Chat sources have not yet determined whether he will be able to be as adorable as the previous #18.