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Monday Bird Droppings

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Did you expect to wake up to a world without Kim Jong Il? A world where Endy Chavez is a proud member of the Baltimore Orioles? Strange times, friends. Strange time, indeed.

School of Roch: Shedding more tears over the crying need for depth In which the Professor of Posts echoes the "woe is me" crowd.

PressBox: Wada Signing, Duquette Not Lost In Translation Some folks are not fond of Dan Duquette. Stan "the Fan" is, well...a fan.

The Hitters Who Spent The Most Time At The Plate In 2011 - Beyond the Box Score Mark Reynolds spent over 12 hours at the plate in 2011.

It's the birthday of former PA announcer Rex "Give That Fan a Contract" Barney. It is also the birthday of Chito Martinez, Mike Fetters, Doug Johns and Justin Turner. Although he was not an O, gotta give some birthday love to Charm City native Al Kaline...arguably the second best hitter born in Baltimore.