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Transaction Scorecard: Randy Henry and PTBNL for Taylor Teagarden

So, opinions on the trade around these parts seem mixed. Thought I'd take a spin around the blogOsphere and see what our fellow prisOners have to say.

Survey says?

Jordan Tuwiner, Orioles Nation: Not a fan of this deal. I guess if they felt he was the best backup catcher available, it's fine. But Henry's a solid prospect but I'm not sure it was worth it to deal a potential setup man, possibly a closer, for a backup C.

Daniel Moroz, Camden Crazies: Assuming the player to be named later is worse than Henry, the trade seams a decent one. The O's will have four years of control of Teagarden, who maybe can put up about half a win a season as a back-up on the cheap in what should be his prime years (that would be around $5 M in excess value to the O's - worth like two grade C pitching prospects).

Heath Bintliff, Dempsey's Army: When it comes right down to it, trading a reliever in the low minors for a major league catcher, even a backup, isn't a bad move.

The Oriole Report: Dan Duquette decided to trade for our backup catcher instead of signing one of the free agents out there. Depending on the player to be named I like the trade.

Keith Law: Various snarky comments.