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Camden Chat FanPost Contest Results

The votes are in, and here are the top three vote-getters in our FanPost Contest:

1. You Mean to Tell Me He's Cuban? by Robert R. A late surge put Robert on top. I suggest he uses his winning to buy his mom a nice present.

2. A, B, C, and D Plan by ThreeRunHomer. The unorthodox idea of a 9-man rotation intrigued the voters.

3. The Loss Leaders by dfa. dfa proposed taking on big contracts along with prospects to get the Orioles hope for the future. Not a bad idea, although I don't know if the Yankees are good target.

Congratulations to the winners! I'll be sending an email to the email address you provided with instructions on claiming your prize. If you don't use that email address or don't see an email from me in twenty-four hours, drop me a line at

Thanks to all of the participants and stay tuned for more contests between now and the beginning of the 2012 season.