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Wednesday Bird Droppings

...only because I couldn't find a picture of Ross Grimsley.
...only because I couldn't find a picture of Ross Grimsley.

It should be no news to you, friends, that Scott Boras is a big tease. Talk of Prince Fielder cropped up yesterday and it seems unlikely that it originated in the Warehouse.

Orioles: Thoughts on Prince Fielder, Edwin Jackson, Roy Oswalt and more - Dan Connolly fires off a last shot before going to ground for the holidays.

School of Roch: What it means to be "in on" Fielder
Roch digs deeper on the prince.

Orioles Sign A Collection Of Minor-Leaguers And An Economist | December Daniel Moroz offers his take on some small moved from last week.

Inefficiencies, Moral Hazards: The NPB Posting System | FanGraphs Baseball
Amber Theoharis: Prophet

Chris Gomez: One of a Kind - Fangraphs Ouch.

On this day in 1977, the Orioles let Ross Grimsley walk. The O's rode him for a whopping 295.2 innings in 1974, a season in which he also posted an rWAR of 4.0. In 1995, the Roberto Alomar signed a 3 year deal worth $18 million; in 2005, Elrod Hendricks passed away.

Happy Birthday to Taylor Teagarden, LaTroy Hawkins, Roger McDowell, Elliott Maddox and Andy Van Slyke.