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Friday Bird Droppings

Slow news days for O's fans. Is your shopping completed? Are your eggs nogged? Menorahs lit? Yes, I'm stalling. I've got virtually nothing.

School of Roch: Is Adam Jones untouchable? Roch v. Strawman

Projecting Tsuyoshi Wada | Camden Crazies Interesting outlook on Wada. He's no Darvish, but he's thankfully no Kei Igawa, either.

Steve Melewski: The case for the defenseThis article is almost quaint, but it does get me thinking about the Orioles defense, how bad it was and how much an improved defense could make 2012 tolerable.

On this day in 1980, the Orioles signed Jim Dwyer. I remember him fondly as a master pinch hitter and he had 43 pinch hits in his Orioles tenure.

Today is Dave May's birthday.