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Saturday Bird Droppings

First, let me congratulate my former high school, Old Mill, for capturing the 4A State Championship last night at M&T stadium for the second time in three years. The Patriots overcame a 21-0 deficit to win 36-35 on an OT 2-point conversion. Well done, boys!

Now, onto the baseball news, of which there isn't much.

Cup of jO's (December 2, 2011): O's and Yoenis Cespedes | Camden Depot
Verdict: He's worth, but the likelihood he signs with the Orioles isn't great and he probably isn't a good fit for them financially.

Dan Duquette likely to eye trade market to refresh Orioles |
The only name on the trade list in this story by Brittany Ghiroli is Jeremy Guthrie. I do like Duquette's comments on putting resources into fixing the minors and international scouting.

Duquette confirms John Stockstill will remain as head of player development Steve Melewski
More quotes from Duquette regarding changes in use of resources.

If you have some extra time this weekend, why don't you think about submitting an entry for the FanPost contest that ends tomorrow at 5 p.m.? We have four entries and I'd love a few more before the contest is over.