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Site Project: 29 Trades for 29 Teams

In yesterday's Open Thread, Tezcatlipoca introduced his idea of writing up twenty-nine trades the Orioles could make, one with each team in the majors. It was immediately seen as a fun off-season exercise by a number of us, so I'm officially making it a thing. None of us knows exactly what is a feasible trade, but that doesn't mean we don't spend time talking about it here. So pick a team, take a look at what they have, and write up a trade proposal. Front page writers, put them on the front page. Everyone else, write up a FanPost and I'll front page it for you.

The idea is to come up with a trade proposal for every other team, but there if someone has already picked the team you wanted to write about but you have a different trade idea, go for it. It might take us awhile, but I bet we can get something down for all twenty-nine teams.

If you want to participate and you know what team you want to write about, put it in the comments. I'm going to write a post for tomorrow (stupid work delays me until then) proposing a trade with the Washington Nationals. That's one team down!

Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees
Toronto Blue Jays
Tampa Bay Rays - tflach2

Cleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers -- Astronaut Mike Dexter
Kansas City Royals - HIO'sFan
Minnesota Twins

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - twistedlogic
Texas Rangers
Oakland Athletics - salvotion
Seattle Mariners -- Westie

New York Mets
Washington Nationals -- Stacey
Florida Marlins
Philadelphia Phillies
Atlanta Braves

Pittsburgh Pirates -- Andrew_G
Cincinnatti Reds -- mdterps0325
Houston Astros
St. Louis Cardinals
Chicago Cubs - Gamecock24
Milwaukee Brewers

San Diego Padres -- KellRawLive
Colorado Rockies -- dfa
Los Angeles Dodgers -- duck
Arizona Diamondbacks
San Francisco Giants -- IgggesRule13