29 Trades for 29 Teams- Cincinnati Reds

Orioles give - Nolan Reimold and Jeremy Guthrie.

Reds give- Yonder Alonso and Edison Volquez.

This is a trade I think works for both teams. The Reds are in dire need of pitching, almost as much as the Orioles. Guthrie will be a FA next year, and we are obviously not contending this year. Not to mention some pitching FA not named Guthrie could include Hamels, Grienke, Cain, Danks, and Annibal Sanchez. The Reds also need a full time LFer, or someone to hit lefties to platoon with Heisley. Reimold offers the former, a player who could, with a full year, put up 3 WAR. At 27 he could posses value for the next contending O's team, but the return offers much more potential. Edison Volquez basically worked himself out of the Reds rotation after starting opening day last year. His control is a huge question mark, but his upside can be worth it for a rebuilding team. At worst he could be a high K relief pitcher, ala Carlos Marmol. And there is no question that Yonder Alonso could be an All Star first baseman with some luck. He also presents less value to the Reds as he is already 24 and is blocked by Joey Votto for at least the next two years.

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