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Friday Bird Droppings

Pujols. Reyes. Wilson.

...Dana Eveland.

An action packed week in Dallas for thee, but not for me. At any rate, the long slog towards opening day continues and the Orioles continue to lay in the weeds.

Orioles start building pitching depth | News
Yes, yes! Depth!

PressBox: Orioles Again Appear Left Out In Winter Cold Stan "the Fan" is not impressed.

Ronnie Deck to Return as Orioles Bullpen Catcher | Baltimore Sports Report We have top men working out in the bullpen. Top. Men.

Oriole Park funding for improvements approved by Maryland board - Washington Business Journal
Woooooo! Camden Yards! Year round destination! Party time! Excellent!

December 9, 1965: A Day That O’s Fans Shall Never Forget
Happy Frank Robinson Day!

On this day in 2010, the O's acquired J.J. Hardy for Jim Hoey and Brett Jacobsen; in 1999 Harold Baines began his 3rd (out of four) tour with the Orioles.

It is the birthday of Juan "the Human Windmill" Samuel, Tony Tarasco and Tony Batista.