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Community Projections 2011: Brian Roberts

Aww, B-Rob. If you haven't heard, Brian Roberts' concussion is gone, his back is strong, he's in...well, you know. He's also probably my favorite baseball player. I get attached to other players on a yearly basis, but seeing that Brian is entering his eleventh season with the Orioles, he's always there for me.

Sure, he's healthy now, but will it stick? He only played in 59 games last year due to said back problems (and hitting himself in the head with a bat problems), and the Orioles paid for it dearly. In addition to coming off of a pretty major injury, Roberts will be 33 years old in 2011. Will he return to the doubling machine we've gotten used to, or will his power drop off? Will he steal thirty bases or will he slow down now that he's old(ish)?

Here are his stats for the last three seasons:

2008 30 155 611 51 9 40 10 82 104 .296 .378 .450
2009 31 159 632 56 16 30 7 74 112 .283 .356 .451
2010 32 59 230 14 4 12 2 26 40 .278 .354 .391
10 Seasons 1194 4720 332 81 268 66 538 714 .283 .355 .419


Use the form below the jump to predict Brian Bob's G, AB, 2B, HR, SB, CS, BB, K, BA, OBP, and SLG. And in case you missed the previous posts, you can also provide your projections for Matt Wieters and Jeremy Guthrie. Coming up Thursday is the other Brian (Matusz).