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Tuesday Open Thread

Home internet connection crapped out, and I'm crushed at work. If anyone with FP rights wants to add clips, feel free.

That's what you get for living in the country, duck! -Stacey 

School of Roch: Duchscherer's agent talks about the Orioles' appeal
The Orioles have a formidable lineup and a commitment to winning! I hope so.

Steve Melewski: Will Matusz be the man in 2011?
Matusz is gonna be a star in 2011. Book it. 

Orioles re-sign left-hander Mark Hendrickson |
Hendo's back! Well, he's back on a minor league deal and will compete for a bullpen spot with Clay Rapada.

With Justin Duchscherer and Mark Hendrickson, Orioles have gotten just about everything on their wish list for offseason |
Nothing much else gonna happen, your team is set (except maybe for Vlad, although I'm about over him). 

Jeff Fiorentino returns to organization - Orioles Insider
Screech is back! No invite to Spring Training, though.

Baltimore Orioles preview: Showalter's show |
NECN stands for New England Cable News, and their preview is fair but not earth shattering. I love that one of the things that can't happen if the O's are going to successful is, "J.J. Hardy can't be as inept as Cesar Izturis." 

The Big Orange Guy’s Top 5 Questions About The American League East | Inside Pulse
One question about each team. The Orioles question is of course about Buck Showalter. At least it's better than the Blue Jays question: "Will anyone pay attention to the Blue Jays?"