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Thursday Bird Droppings

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Wish List for Brian Roberts One-For-All Fund -
Brian Roberts posted this link on his Facebook page yesterday, requesting donations of supplies for patients at the University of Maryland Hospital for Children. Most of the items, such as crayons and coloring books ordered in bulk, range from $20 - $180. Just a thought.

Camden Depot: Vladimir Guerrero's Whiff Rate
A look at Vladimir Guerrero swings at. Take from it what you will.

O's pitcher Chris Tillman is excited about the team --
"I think that's one of my main goals this year is to stay healthy and to make all of my starts." An admirable goal. Here's a video interview from FanFest.

Baltimore Sports: Will all this Birdland buzz fizzle out again? -
"You know you're in Birdland when picking the hometown team to finish in next-to-last place is considered ratcheting up the hype machine." Matt Vensel makes a good point.

Steve Melewski: Adam Jones: "The time is now"
He failed to elaborate as to whether the PLACE was now as well.

School of Roch: Picking a dark horse in Sarasota
Roch gives David Riske the kiss of death as his Spring Training player to watch.

School of Roch: Guerrero physical in Sarasota
Vladimir Guerrero will take his physical in Sarasota next week.

The Towerlight " In This Corner: O’s offseason has been one of real upgrading
Some young whippersnapper from Towson University thinks the O's did some good things this summer. I keep seeing the name of the campus newspaper in my GoogleNews results and wondering why the Jehovah's Witnesses care about baseball. Then I remember Towson U. It's very disconcerting.

Why Did The Orioles Give Vlad Guerrero $8 Million (When No One Else Would)? - Business Insider
Business Insider asks a six-paragraph-long question they never get around to answering.

Third Place Is Achievable For The Orioles | Baltimore Sports Report
Hey, now, let's settle down with the crazy talk over there.

Jim Joyce should never call another Armando Galarraga game | HardballTalk
"There is no denying that Jim Joyce and Armando Galarraga will forever be linked in baseball history. But did they really need to have a book out already?"

Sandy Alderson implements new system of scouting, evaluating for Mets, overseen by J.P. Ricciardi
"In contrast to Omar Minaya's method of assigning pro scouts to a large number of major league teams (special assistant Bryan Lambe, for example, covered the entire National League last year), Alderson's Mets will charge each pro scout with covering just three organizations, but far more comprehensively than before - from the low minor leagues to the major league club." Andy MacPhail, take notes!!!!

@MLB: Verified MLB Players on Twitter
More than 300 MLB players have Twitter accounts verified to be them., Here's that list.

Twitter / @L.J. Hoes: Shawty trynna tell me the ...
"Shawty trynna tell me the university of maryland is louder than cameron indoor stadium" which was followed by "She is trippn and obviously doesn't know bball" L.J. Hoes seems to be woefully misinformed about college basketball. He does know CIS only hold 9K and Comcast holds 18K, right? I am worried about the Orioles' reliance on a player without a grasp on basic math skills...

I hate, hate, hate linking to this site, but it's the only one with the press release, as the Shorebirds haven't posted it yet. But Ryan Minor, manager of the Delmarva Shorebirds, will appear weekly on 95.9 The Sports Animal as a guest of local show hosts Whiskey and Randy. God, I hate linking to this site. Did I mention that? 

The Royle Rundown: As the Beach Boys once said, "Don't Worry Baby"
Jen Royle finds herself in a bit of a professional quandary - her two employers officially don't like each other, and she's full-time with 105.7, and apparently not with MASN. Here's a few of the details of the breakup of the O's and 105.7. But not many.

Open Thread, don't move! Come back here! Don't make me shoot you!