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Wednesday Bird Droppings

A look at the 2011 Baltimore Orioles | The Yankee Analysts
It's a season preview from a Yankees blog, and it kind of cheered me up, actually.

Don't start: Orioles' Jim Johnson, Jason Berken are fine with relief roles |
The quote from JJ is the best: "Are people still debating that? You guys ask me that every year. What am I supposed to say? Ask Buck, ask Mark Connor. How many career big league starts do I have? One. There's really not much of a debate."

Orioles pitcher Justin Duchscherer looks 'free and easy' in first bullpen session |
Guess who's in the best shape of his life?

Longtime Orioles attendant Ernie Tyler laid to rest |
A lot of sweet words about Ernie Tyler from former Orioles.

1-On-1 With O's Manager Buck Showalter | WBAL Baltimore
A long interview with Buck Showalter, I haven't gotten a chance to read the whole thing yet, but I usually like when Buck talks.

Uehara gets under way at Spring Training - The Mainichi Daily News
Koji wants to kick Kevin Gregg's butt, basically.

Orioles' fans flee cold for dose of spring training |
A look at the still new hometown for the Orioles. I dug this line: "Baltimore Sun has carried a column by sports veteran Peter Schmuck, touting the area's restaurants and hangouts." Of course he did! That's my favorite part of ST. Does Sarasota have a Hooters, Schmuck?

Snyder will be given look as catcher | Orioles Insider
They're trying to make him more versatile, and he was a catcher until he had shoulder surgery in 2006. Maybe they could make him team chef!

62 things tO watch this year | The Wayward Oriole
In case you're actually expecting 62 things, I'm guessing you've never read Wayward. There are actually 9 (one of which involves Peter Schmuck and the roller derby).

ON Top 50 Prospects - #42: Brandon Waring
Orioles Nation continues counting down the top 50 prospects.

How Much Does The AL East Hurt The Orioles? | Camden Crazies
This is similar to something I wrote maybe a year ago, although since it's Daniel there are of course lots more numbers. We came up with basically the same results though.

Has the Orioles defense improved in 2011? | Camden Depot
Camden Depot builds on the article done by Andrew_G a few days ago and adds in some additional numbers to try and figure the Orioles defense in 2011.

The Crystal Ball 2011: Nick Markakis | Dempsey's Army
Predictions on Nick's season.

I am NOT going to Open Thread to meet some woman who could be a crazy, sick lunatic! Didn't you see Fatal Attraction?