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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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With these Orioles, parking behind the fence is a bad idea | Baltimore Sun 
Fans asked the Orioles to reimburse them after the Orioles hit their cars with home run balls.

Roberts pumped about new teammates, being healthy | Orioles Insider
Apparently it's spelled "Vladi."

Scott back in outfield of dreams | School of Roch
You think Luke is a bad outfielder? He'll fight you! Ok, not really.

ON Top 50 Prospects – #38: Brenden Webb | Orioles Nation
No, not Brandon.

Really, you honestly believe this? | Eutaw Street Hooligans
ESH takes offense to some guy who says Chipper Jones is better than Cal Ripken.

Crystal Ball 2011: Brian Roberts | Dempsey's Army
Looking at the future of the lollygagger.

Prosecutor: Alfredo Simon still charged | ESPN
This article says Simon will not be released, although this article from the Sun with a timestamp of about an hour ago says differently. So I don't know what's happening. 

CHART OF THE DAY: Cal Ripken Did Not Change The Shortstop Position | Business Insider
Big, slugging shortstops are just as rare as ever.

Spring preview: Orioles feel Showalter effect | USA Today
More Buck love. 

Oh, hey, nerdiest old Open Thread I know, you wanna come cook some crystal?