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Thursday Bird Droppings

School of Roch: Lee could take BP Friday (updated)
First baseman Derrek Lee is hoping to take batting practice on the field Friday after being restricted to hitting soft tosses in the cage during the first days of the full-squad workout.

Steve Melewski: Callis feels O's best move is for Britton to start at Triple-A
"I think he is ready for the big leagues. He has no obvious weakness and did get in 12 starts last year at Triple-A and pitched well," Callis said. "That said, the Orioles have no shot at contending this year, so from a team standpoint, I don't think it makes any sense to bring the guy up until you know you have delayed his arbitration and free agent clock by a year.

ON Top 50 Prospects – #37: Wynston Sawyer
I'm pretty sure Jordan at ON is just making names up by now. (No, seriously, good work over there, Mr. Tuwiner.)

Steve Melewski: Two Orioles make Baseball America's top 100 prospects list
Manny Machado and Zach Britton make the annual list.

Baltimore Orioles: B-Town Can Relate To C-Town For Lack Of Success - SB Nation Cleveland
Wait a minute - CLEVELAND gets its own SBN site before Baltimore does?????? Stacey, you gotta do something about that!

Orioles Insider: Roberts says that he's not overly concerned about stiff neck
"Of course, any ailment involving Roberts will raise panic after he played just 59 games last season because of a herniated disk in his back. Asked if he understood that, Roberts was dismissive, saying, "I understand there's about a two feet difference from where my back hurt and where my neck hurt. So I'm pretty sure they are not related."

Orioles Insider: Video: Reimold looking for bounce-back year
Because you just can't get enough Nolan Reimold in your life.

Orioles Insider: Millwood is working out in Calif., waiting for a call
Kevin Millwood is in "Wait for someone else's arm to fall off" mode of his off-season pursuit of a job. 

Former Oriole Hoiles to Appear Opening Day | Delmarva Shorebirds News
The Delmarva Shorebirds, class "A" affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, are excited to release the schedule of national acts and special appearances that will take place this coming season at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium. Headlining the schedule is a special appearance by former Orioles catcher Chris Hoiles on opening night, April 7.

Orioles Insider: Patton's court setting rescheduled
Seems like the Orioles are taking this "No, really Troy Patton exists!" charade a bit too far when they get the courts involved. Just admit we basically traded Miguel Tejada for Luke Scott. I'm OK with that. Stop making up fake players!

Morpheus believes he is the Open Thread.