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Saturday Bird Droppings

30 Questions: Baltimore Orioles | ESPN
There aren't actually thirty questions, there is only one. So I suppose this is a series. The question is, "Is Brian Matusz a fantasy ace in the making?"

Reimold or Pie likely will be sliced | The Daily Times
One thing is for sure, Felix and Nolan are saying all the right things.

Top Dominican journalist joins Orioles pitcher fray |
More sad stuff about the Alfredo Simon situation. The victim's brother says that Simon shot him at point blank range. Really? I thought he fired into the air. That should be pretty easy to prove. Get CSI down there for crying out loud. 

Buck Showalter may succeed in bringing back Oriole Way |
A nice warm, funny article to start your weekend. 

Lee and Roberts talk about their days | Orioles Insider
My favorite is the commenter that says Roberts is taking a page out of Erik Bedard's book. Apparently Erik was a whiny crybaby and so is Brian.

Machado is ready for his anticipated first full season in O's organization | Steve Melewski
Manny Machado has been working out all off-season and he's in the best shape of his life.