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Thursday Bird Droppings

Jennie Finch. Because it's my daughter's birthday, that's why. (By Al Bello, Getty Image Sports)
Jennie Finch. Because it's my daughter's birthday, that's why. (By Al Bello, Getty Image Sports)

Buying the Gloves? | Weaver's Tantrum
Weaver's Tantrum looks at the defensive changes for the O's this year and how it will affect O's pitching. -Stacey

2011 Orioles Line-up By The Book | Camden Crazies
Daniel talks lineups. -Stacey

Could we wind up rooting for the Kinston Orioles? | Camden Depot
It's possible that the Frederick Keys will be evicted following the 2011 season. Camden Depot has the details on why and possible future locations of the team if it does move. -Stacey

Pitching Estimators for the Oriole Staff - Dempsey's Army
Heath crunches some numbers and determines that the defense really did hurt the pitchers last year. A nice companion piece to the article at Weaver's Tantrum. -Stacey

Justin Duchscherer Should Help O’s | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs breaks down the Duchscherer signing and calls it a good deal for the Orioles. I don't know that I agree with their assessment that the O's defense won't be any better in 2011. -Stacey

MLB Players Of The Decade: Twins' Joe Mauer Obvious Choice At Catcher |
Rob Neyer looks into the crystal ball and predicts who will be the top five catchers of the upcoming decade. Matt Wieters comes in at #4, which just bums me out. I voted for Wieters in the poll, because come on, someone has to keep the faith. -Stacey

AL East: Where Young Catching Talent Rules The Earth | DRaysBay
DRaysBay comments on the five young catchers in the American League East. -Stacey

Orioles Insider: Big honor for Orioles scout Howard
"Longtime Orioles scout Jim Howard has been named as one of four 2011 inductees for the Professional Baseball Scouts Hall of Fame. He will be honored before a Hudson Valley Renegades game in New York on July 2."

The curse of the Ripkens -
Rachel Ripken apparently has a potty mouth.

Steve Melewski: Orioles release 11 minor leaguers
And I doubt you've heard of any of them.

Steve Melewski: Bordick and Surhoff lend a hand to O's minor leaguers
Mentioned in yesterday's BD thread, Mike Bordick and B.J. Surhoff has made their services available to any Orioles MiLB player for the past few weeks.

School of Roch: Nothing new on Vladimir Guerrero
Headline pretty much says it all.

School of Roch: More Fanfest leftovers
Justin Duchererererer, uh, whatever, took his physical Wednesday, Willie Randolph has reached out to just about all the infielders, Adam Jones is excited about the off-season signings, and Matt Wieters isn't too bummed about his 2010 season.

Local libraries, Orioles step up to the plate to promote literacy - The Observer Group
Sarasota County libraries and the Baltimore Orioles yesterday announced a partnership to promote literacy through the Orioles Big League Reader Program.

Yankees Remain In Contact With Kevin Millwood: MLB Rumors -
If the Yankees feel they need Kevin Millwood to be able to compete, I think that says a lot about the state of their rotation.

Nationals sign minor league deal with Cla Meredith | HardballTalk
Claw Megadeth has a new home. I'm gonna miss typing that nickname.

Kansas City Royals hire Willie Aikens as minor league coach - ESPN
"Three years after leaving federal prison and 26 years after his playing days in the major leagues ended, Willie Mays Aikens is back in baseball as an employee of the team with which he achieved his greatest glory in the sport." 

Happy Birthday to my daughter. A great kid who deserves a great day, and a day off swim practice. Here's a link for her, even if it's spelled wrong.

I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny, old Open Threads; even if they dress in rags; even if they aren't pretty, or smart, or young. They're still princesses. All of us. Didn't you father ever tell you that? Didn't he?